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2023 Global Forum Workshop Facilitator Application

Apply below to facilitate one of six Workshops at the 2023 Global Forum in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic.

These 120-minute workshops will provide capacity building or training opportunities for participants on important topics that align with the theme of the 2023 Global Forum.

Provide leadership on one of the topics outlined below.

What are Workshops?

The workshops are vital to the participants attending the 2023 Global Forum. They provide opportunities for capacity building or training opportunities for participants on important topics that align with the theme of the 2023 global forum. Workshops will be led by specific experts from participating organizations and will cover various topics that are central to the anti-modern slavery movement. Each session will be 120 minutes long, and two workshops will be held simultaneously each day. This comes to a total of six workshops throughout the Forum.

Workshops are skill-based compared to issue-based side events. Thus, the facilitating organization is expected to provide a learning session in which participants actively engage and learn a new skill. The facilitators must therefore be experts on the matter. While they will share their knowledge with the participants, it is crucial to also include an exercise or activity that will allow participants to practice the skill at hand. Thus, workshops should encourage information flow not solely from the presenters to the audience but rather engage the participation of all attendees. It is important to consider all participants’ different knowledge and skill levels, and facilitators must ensure that each individual will take something from the session.

The workshops will provide an informal setting for Forum participants to learn, discuss the respective topics, involve survivors and experts in the field, disseminate work in progress, and promote new ideas.

The level of the new learning of attendees will measure the success of the workshop.

Why Apply to Facilitate a Workshop?

Workshops are an essential part of the Forum and anti-modern slavery in general. To enhance the effectiveness of stakeholders in fighting to eradicate modern slavery, the teaching and sharing of skills are indispensable. Facilitating organizations will get the chance to train other stakeholders and increase their visibility within the movement. They take on a leading role in ensuring the continuous improvement of anti-modern slavery efforts and allow smaller organizations, grassroots organizations, and survivors to reach their full potential.

How to Apply to Facilitate a Workshop.

Please complete the form on this website to apply for a workshop. Please make sure you apply for a workshop, not a side event. It is possible to apply under multiple workshop themes; however, your organization may only be chosen for one to provide opportunities for as many organizations as possible to present. If you wish to apply under multiple themes, please fill out a separate application form for each. 

Available Topics for Workshops


This workshop aims to highlight practices and lessons learned through applied survivor-inclusive models of research. Facilitators may share case studies to exemplify their process, findings, and applications.


This workshop will focus on building the capacity of the anti-modern slavery movement to effectively mobilize resources to generate policy change. Facilitators may share lessons learned from successful advocacy campaigns and help participants to develop strategies for their national and regional efforts.


This workshop will focus on helping participants to develop effective strategies to achieve justice for survivors. It may explore what justice looks like for survivors, the various ways in which justice may be achieved, and/or provide critical advocacy tools for more effective survivor-centered legal support.


This workshop will explore practices that have led to successful awareness-raising and/or prevention of human trafficking at the community, national or regional levels and can thus serve as a framework for application in other areas. Facilitators will share their experiences, lessons learned, and practical recommendations for building awareness of human trafficking and effecting change.

Direct Service

This workshop will explore innovative, trauma-informed, survivor-centered human trafficking interventions. Facilitators may share case studies of new, inclusive approaches, particularly those that place emphasis on services for traditionally underserved vulnerable groups such as persons with disabilities, indigenous communities, etc.


This workshop will help to equip NGOs and grassroots anti-modern slavery organizations to more effectively mobilize resources to carry out their work. This interactive skill-building workshop will provide tips and tricks for successful grant writing in a depressed post-covid economy.

Propose a Workshop topic

Propose a Workshop topic that is not in the list above that is important to you, your organization, and your partners and collaborators. We welcome proposals on all topics.

Criteria for Selection of Applicants

  • Proposals should demonstrate clear alignment with the theme and objectives of the workshop and contribute to the progression of the conversation toward the goals of the Forum.

  • Proposals should demonstrate critical thought on diversity within the subject matter.

  • Although topics may be centered around work or issues within a specific country or region, there should be clear applicability to the global context.

  • In keeping with the theme for the Global Forum this year, workshops should prioritize survivor engagement both within the content and in the delivery of the material.

  • Proposals should demonstrate potential for inspiring people, being influential, and opening new lines of action.

  • Proposals should demonstrate experience in training stakeholders on the matter.

Applications have closed. Chosen facilitators will be notified by March 31, 2023, at the latest.