Europe, North America, & The Caribbean Regional Forum – 2022

Anti-slavery movement leaders virtually convened via Zoom for two days at the fourth regional Freedom from Slavery Forum – Europe, North America, and the Caribbean to discuss issues most pertinent to the continent and set priorities for the next year around the theme of “Resilience and Resistance to Modern Slavery: Key Priorities for Europe,
North America and the Caribbean.”

The virtual Forum was an opportunity to increase participation, interaction, networking, learning, and sharing with an emphasis on regional priorities, ensuring that European, North American, and Caribbean grassroots ideas and voices are instrumental in and foundational to the movement as a whole. It ensured that European, North American, and Caribbean organizations will have greater access to the global movement and more opportunities to share their experiences and discuss solutions. The Forum highlighted experts and organizations from the continent as panelists and presenters while showcasing research and programming occurring in the region.