2020 Global Forum

It was in the global climate of adaptation that the 8th annual Forum adapted to the realities imposed by the pandemic. The 2020 virtual forum was an opportunity to increase participation, interaction, networking, learning, and sharing.

The forum was structured into four 90-minute virtual sessions, each focusing on a different theme.

  • Day One: October 26, 2020: The Use of Resources to Fight Modern Slavery
  • Day Two: October 27, 2020: Strengthening Advocacy from Grassroots to Global
  • Day Three: October 28, 2020: Empowering and Learning from Survivors
  • Day Four: October 29, 2020: Fundraising and Resource Mobilization

The 2020 Forum featured 27 presenters from governments, multilateral institutions, academia, foundations, and civil society organizations. The diverse panels included representatives from organizations in Australia, Canada, France, Ghana, Kenya, India, Switzerland, the United States, and the United Kingdom. The virtual events were free to attend and open to everyone in the anti-slavery movement. Across the four days, 554 individuals registered and 285 individuals from 33 countries participated (including presenters).

Take a look: Watch the 2020 Address