2014 Global Forum

The 2014 Freedom from Slavery Forum was designed to facilitate open dialogue among the leaders of anti-slavery organizations, as well as to educate the interested general public about efforts to combat modern-day slavery. Accordingly, the Forum consisted of two major components – an off-the-record meeting of organizational leaders and a public forum where community members could engage with leaders in the anti-slavery movement.

The Forum was designed by gathering input from the participants and under the guidance of an Advisory Committee representing participating organizations. Working Groups led by participants played a key role in designing individual sessions and preparing background papers that enriched the discussions. The convening leadership was designed to achieve two major objectives:


  • To create a collegial space where leaders could coalesce, create partnerships and develop a shared agenda for action that would further the anti-slavery movement
  • To distill experience and evidence gained from programs, develop knowledge dissemination strategies, identify critical gaps in the evidence base, and craft a knowledge agenda