Freedom From Slavery Forum

North America, Europe &

the Caribbean Regional Forum

November 15-17 2021

This year’s Middle East & North Africa regional Forum will take place on October 26 and 27:

12pm-2:30pm Rabat
1pm-3:30pm Cairo
2pm-4:30pm Beirut
3pm-5:30pm Dubai

The overall theme will be “Resilience and Resistance to Modern Slavery: Key Priorities for MENA.” Day 1 will revolve around the “Impact of Covid-19 on vulnerability to modern slavery and migration.” Day 1 will highlight the role of Covid-19 on vulnerability to different forms of modern slavery, including labor trafficking, sex trafficking, and domestic servitude, some of the most prevalent forms of modern slavery in MENA. Special attention will be paid to the key factors that have exacerbated vulnerability during the Covid-19 pandemic, such as heightened migration.

Day 2 will open the conversation to discuss “Ending the cycle of exploitation and strengthening the modern slavery movement through innovation.” Day 2 will introduce pathways to mitigate the exploitation of vulnerable groups in the Middle East and North Africa. Topics for discussion will include the need to reinforce the structural factors (including protective mechanisms and advocacy) that reduce vulnerabilities, facilitate survivor leadership in anti-modern slavery initiatives, and strengthen existing networks.

Like the other regional Forums, programming will be a mix of panel discussions, presentations, and workshops where participants can share recommendations and priorities for governments, CSOs, and the movement as a whole.

Please see the agenda here.

You can learn more about the Forum and view answers to our most frequently asked questions here.

Please register via Zoom using this link. The Forum will be available in both English and Arabic.