Freedom From Slavery Forum

North America, Europe &

the Caribbean Regional Forum

November 15-17 2021

***Please note that the Forum has been postponed due to the newest COVID-19 variant, Omicron, and the subsequent border closures and updated safety measures. New dates and more information will follow.*** 


This year’s Global Freedom from Slavery Forum will take place from December 5-8, 2021 in Marrakesh, Morocco.

The Freedom from Slavery Forum, now in its 9th year, has recently gone through an evaluative process to soldify its utility to the anti-slavery movement and embed its commitment to inclusivity and diversity throughout all facets of the Forum. The Freedom from Slavery Forum was designed to provide a place for leaders of the global anti-human trafficking and anti-slavery movement to come together, share and discuss best practices and lessons learned, identify gaps in the field, brainstorm new ideas, build relationships, and strengthen the cohesion of the movement. It is upon this foundation that the newest iteration of the Forum is built. To best honor grassroots voices, champion inclusivity, and strengthen ownership in the movement, the annual Freedom from Slavery Forum has expanded to 5 regional Forums (1. Africa, 2. South and Southeast Asia, 3. Latin America, 4. Middle East and North Africa (MENA), and 5. North America, the Caribbean, and Europe) and a global convening. 

The Forum is a living embodiment of the anti-human trafficking and anti-slavery movement, bringing together individuals and groups whose work may not otherwise intersect. The Forum recognizes that the movement itself is only as strong as its members, and one of the essential pillars of the Forum is to convene voices from a plethora of different backgrounds. The Forum has taken great care to increase access and infuse democratization at its very core and, by extension, the movement itself. These notions are the foundation of the reinvention of the 2021 Forum format. 

It is during the Global Convening in Marrakesh, Morocco from December 5-8, 2021 that the regional priorities will be examined by movement leaders and survivors of modern slavery from all regions of the world and used to create a concrete Global Agenda that will be enacted at the local and regional levels from 2022-2025. The goal of the Marrakesh convening is to reinvigorate the movement by developing a relevant, practical, and strategic agenda to effectively counteract modern slavery. The Marrakesh convening was envisioned during consultation sessions in early 2021 regarding the future of the Forum. The outcomes of those sessions can be found in the Forum Consultations Final Report.

Expected outcomes of the Global Forum include: developing a strategic roadmap for the movement as well as a concrete implementation strategy for the next 3 years; creating a formalized structure that will enable stronger coordination of the movement; and, generating a resource mobilization plan that will ensure the agenda can be implemented.

For more information about the Marrakesh convening, please view the draft agenda.

Please click for more information regarding current Morocco COVID restrictions and How to get to Marrakesh & visa requirements.