Freedom From Slavery Forum

2021 Forum

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Africa Forum Information

The first of this year’s regional Forums will be Africa. The theme of the Forum is Resilience and Resistance to Modern Slavery: Key Priorities for Africa. 

With all of the tumultuous changes that have occurred within the last 1.5 years, the Forum will act as space to take stock of the pandemic’s effects, assess new priorities, and create a collective roadmap for the future of the movement.  

After attending all three days of the Africa Regional Forum, participants will be re-inspired to tackle modern slavery from multiple angles and in new innovative ways. Participants will leave the Forum with increased knowledge about how COVID-19, climate change, migration, and new technologies are directly affecting root causes of slavery in Africa, possible solutions, and new partnerships to put those ideas into action. 

Each day will involve 90-120 minutes of programming, starting with a keynote address by leaders in the anti-slavery movement, followed by panel discussion and an interactive workshop. Each day will focus on a specific facet of the anti-slavery movement and will ensure that the Forum’s theme is woven throughout each individual session.

Day 1 will discuss “How COVID-19 has impacted resilience to modern slavery in African communities”

Day 2 will focus on “Strengthening Africa’s anti-slavery efforts”

Finally, the programming for Day 3 will revolve around the theme “Beyond Africa: Threats and solutions beyond the continent”

Please view our detailed Forum Agenda & Speaker Information It is also available in French here.

For more information about the Forum, please see answers to our most frequently asked questions.

Additional information for participants can be found here in English and French.